“Ecofont is designed to save ink, money and eventually the planet, but heaven save us from worthy fonts. Ecofont is a program that adds holes to a font. The software takes Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman and prints them as if they had been attacked by moths. They retain their original shape, but not their inner form, and so lose their true weight and beauty. They also usually go no bigger than 11pt, although at this size or smaller they may save you 25 percent of ink consumption.

The plus side: In 2010 Ecofont won a European Environmental Design Award. The downside: a study at the University of Wisconsin claimed that some Ecofont fonts, such as Ecofont Vera Sans, actually use more ink and toner than lighter regular fonts such as Century Gothic (although one could, of course, always print Century Gothic using Ecofont software).”

This was mentioned on a design blog and that’s so clever that it saves ink by creating dots of empty space in letters. The software can be dowloaded onto computer where it converts the document so that the letters have holes. There is a trend in all industries of being evironmentally friendly and I’m going to save this post for future projects related to green products. By reducing ink, reduces money and ink making the product more recyclable/ less ink need to be produced in the first place.

13th Street “Stationery of Horror”


Using everyday hole punches, staples, envelope tears as part of the work piece. I like these piece even though they are gory they bring a fun interesting element that make people go “eewwww” or “ohhh that’s clever” because it brings everyday boring objects to life with the different characters. Personally I don’t know the nature of the business it is promoting but maybe it’s a special effects business. The process is that the graphics are printed and then the hole punch or staple is applied after so that it is precise.

Seed and fruit knitting


I like sewing and the process of weaving interests me, I like that the words are formed by knitting and that a couple of threads can made a thick filled letter. It’s positioned centrally of the oval and I think that this would have been difficult to achieve by hand through handling with being loose/ tight. It’s interesting that the border is thicker on one side, maybe this is to add more of an ‘edge’ and to show more of the knitted composition detail.

Gropes handlebars


All these handle bars are different but the idea is that it makes it a collection by them all sharing one same element in that they are attached to the bike in the centre, therefore playing with the shape of the handlebars, they look like horns of animals. Also the simple placement of the handlebar against flat wood on the wood highlights the shapes of them very well and that the differences are emphasised making the juxtapositioning very effective.

Flickr: AJ Fosik’s


I love the colour palette for his work in that they compliment each other very well. I like the intricacy in their work with the scales and that each scale is placed precisely for the light to reflect off the foily scales. I love the action in the first piece and that the positioning of the characters are so life like and alive making the piece intriguing.

I like that there are three faces yet features from each piece e.g. the tongue combine to the face below. I like the textures and the colours are beautiful together.

Minimalism: Lego characters


I found this and without reading the title I knew who the Lego characters was! Images in order: South Park, Simpsons, Sesame Street and Smurfs. This clearly shows how important colour is for identities and that colour pallette choice needs to be though about when designing. These pieces has stripped to the minimum using the use of the amount of colour (stroke) and colours.



Street art utopia


This works on the object being in a different context and the scale of the object. They are logs which have been cut at the ends to shape as pencils and painted. I find it quite funny because it has a fun element and the image of someone trying to use the large scale pencil.

This is a drawing based on perspective and the image of the ground probably can only be viewed accurately by standing at a specific point in the ground. I find that there is so much skill in drawing things in perspective and especially drawing it on a large flat horizontal cavas. Having the floor as a canvas allows publicity and for the public to admire your work, also it allows the artist to work in large scale rather having to build the objects in large scale themselves.

Simple in concept in just putting lego bricks together to fit the gap but if I were to see this when walking along the street, it would lighten my day because lego is associated with childhood days with the playful element. The bright bricks contrast with the grey bricks making the piece very lively.


This is in a very small scale in a puddle and the expressions of the people look really creepy. All these works have shown me to experiment with scale and everyday surrounding and working with them differently e.g. placing my work in various places to make my work stand out and to give a different meaning.

Colours affect purchases infographics

I always thought that the use of colours is important from personal preference to the intent of purpose. I find it interesting how colours can respond to different emotions and moods stemming from the perceptions we have when we were younger and now colour are often used as stereotypes.

The main colour used in this infograph is blue which is unusual because it is a colour and a colour that would be predicted to be used is grey as it is neutral. Other colours used are yellow, black and white, the layout is that it is read vertically down with a white rope line acting as a visual cue to guide us through the infographic (almost has the same action as an arrow but subtle as it is part of the background). Text is broken down into chunks for the user to read easier.

My cuppa tea

A day to day bit of design incorporated into every day life. I’m surprised this design hasn’t been done before, but it appears that everyday novelties/ design/ gadgets have been in trend with online shops such as SUCK UK. I love that website, it sells unique everyday “kitsch” items which turns everyday bland objects to become fun.

The design is similar to the pantone colour charts with a rectangular colour fill box at the top and a white label with black san serif text at the bottom. I think most designers would like this mug because of its novelty and reference to the pantone chart which is geeky.

Felice Varini – Anamorphic Illusions


The use of yellow reminds me of NUCA because the university has that in their visual identity. I think that this effect can be applied to any room to make it more dynamic and interesting. It’s cool how a little strip of colour on walls can change it visually. It could be applied to the walls at uni I think as the buildings are rather white and grey.

Teabag packaging


I like the shape of this packaging, I find it cute that it looks like a small piece of fruit. Made from a cross shaped net, the flaps are gathered together to form a dome.

The flaps open up to expose a tea bag, I don’t think this practical is practical but I think it’ll bring an experience for the consumer and a different application in making tea. Also the flaps could stop the tea bag string from dropping into the drink, however if the cup is very big then the packaging would fall into the tea.

Book covers


I like the simplistic shapes which have single colour fills with no shading that express the storyline, on the Wizard of Oz cover, it expressed the three companions of Dorothy in search of a heart, a brain and courage. The heart has been simply reflected horizontally to connote to the Lion’s private parts to symbolise courage. Only simple brown lines changes the meaning of the upside down heart to connote the Lion’s private parts. I think simple things like this makes it clear and concise, however the reader will have to know the story to clearly see what the third symbol means. I think it would make a nice pattern for merchandise too.

The Princess and the Pea is just a simple pattern but the bottom of the pattern has a simple pea. Once again, you would have to know the story to understand what the image is (being loads of beds stacked upon each other). But both covers summarises the story of the contents of the book.


Today I woke up to many Facebook wallposts about the video “KONY 2012”, I had seen a few posts of it for the past few weeks but today it was peaking. So I decided to see what this hype was about. The introduction starts showing the power of social networking sites and the internet getting messages across and campaigns. Then the narrator explains about his little son which gives a more compassionate feeling to the video. Another character is introduced being the narrator and the little boy’s friend who suffered in Uganda, being a victim of the child soldiers regime put in place by Kony.

He leads a army of child soldiers, where girls are used as sex slaves and boys as soldiers. Children (as young as the son in the video) are snatched and forced to become a child soldier under Kony which then they are made to kill there own parents. Kony does this for the sense of power. The narrator continues in what action he has taken and the impact he has made with the campaign against Kony. It shoes that he has had support from Barrack Obama and now wants to spread awareness by setting an event worldwide where on the 20th April 2012, people across the world will put posters/ spread the message across the town/ city at night so in the morning following people will be surprised and take notice.

The bit in the video that hit me was when the narrator, said that he made a promise to Jacob, he didn’t know how he was going to achieve it but he strongly felt the need to take action.

As an art specialist university I think this will be an opportunity to create awareness and show the individuals work at NUCA. I like the unity towards doing this for a good cause and yet there is a sense of danger as it is street art therefore putting work up on the event night will be difficult. It would be revolutionary in that it gets the whole world involved especially with the power of the internet by just streaming a video.

Here are some posters I have came across:

Metropolis new font


I like this image, the focus is promoting the new font and it is prominent in the image being a sharp white again a grey lit background. I like this piece particularly because of the interweaving legs of the R around the car and the car shows the stem of the inspiration being it is from the 1940’s. Cars can represent alot about a time period, the shape, the colour, materials etc.


Greeting card


I have worked with laser cutters from being in sixth form but have never successful achieved to engrave card without burning the piece. But this shows how laser cutters can achieve very intricate details with clean lines. I love texture and this gives the card a different dimension and a different experience for the recipient of the card (with the sense of touch).

Typography exploring topograph typeface


Even though it is type, it has been experimented and applied in a different way to form an image or another type. The contours makes it look three dimensional, warped and modern. I think it would look great in a movie or a clip where it zooms in so that the audience can feel the texture of the type and experience the gaps to be like caverns (depth achieved with the contour looks).

Soleil Noir – Looks like good Microsite


There are more posters/ images in this series, I like these posters because they have vibrant colours which are used within the posters e.g. the orange poster has used orange hue colours to keep the theme. Also it shows consistency and that once you have a good idea it can be applied in different ways, all the posters feature the word “BELIEVE IN” in the centre of the poster which is followed by a different phrase. However it can be perceived as boring after a while if the idea is being overstretched and the novelty has worn off. I think the cat image relates to Youtube in that most videos uploaded feature cats.

Jamie and Anthony wedding invitations


I love texture and these invitations have used embossing on the pieces and this gives another design feature which give the impression that this is special. This must have been very expensive though because dies would have been created just for this print. I like the colours used with the light blue contrasting the sharp red in addition the sans serif font (looks like Bebas Neue) used with a serif font (similar to a lighter version of Rockwell) used with a cursive font.

I particularly like the blue print which resembles tree bark texture and if I were to recieve these invites, I would keep and treasure them because they look unique. I like that they used heavy weighted papers.

I have noticed that the common trending colour combinations are orangey red & light blue


I have noticed that many designs for the past few years have used the colour combinations of a orange tint red and cyan. To be honest, I used to be a big fan of this colour combination and saw this in fashion retailers such as Topshop, but now personally I think that it is overused and it just makes me frustrated that it is overused which makes the piece dull. It frustrates me that people always use sans serif font that look like Bebas Neue (where the sans serif font is elongated) with the colour combination and that it makes the design worlds seem to have no originality plus appears the pieces are made by the same person.

HP logo


I liked the previous logo more to be honey because if I didn’t know what the second logo was for I wouldn’t know what it was apart from four parrallel lines. Even though the second logo are the same image reflective to make it more uniform, this only just made me noticed that the first logo are reflected as well but with the extra horizontal stroke on the p compared to the second logo.

As it looks more abstract, I think it appears more cold with the geometric shapes but that could be why the company decided to change so that it looks modern which is the philosophy with electronice companies. But with close inspection the lines do have rounded corners which softens the logo slightly.

Zhenvision home – Journey to the West


I like the typography of the title of the poster “Journey to the West” because it captures the fluidity of the brush stroke used in Chinese calligraphy. Also the texture of the strokes it amazing, I love the scruff brush stroke mark on the last ‘T’, it gives it the sense as the person actually running out of ink to write it which makes it more realistic and alive.

The kamasutra


This is so clever, it’s a risque topic yet the graphics can be seen and interpreted in different ways. It is like an optical illusion and people have to think a specific way to see what the cover conveys. I love how the images are used like a pattern, almost like a pattern on a cow.

I think it would be a great print for other materials making it very versatile.


I’m in the middle of a chain reaction, art Print by Him | Society6


This caught my attention because it relates to bike chains and I am interested in bikes, it’s also a visually appealing piece because of the simple contrast in colours and the simplicty of a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces fit together and the name “chain reaction” is very fitting. It’s like the pieces are stacked on top of each other and if one is removed the whole thing will topple

Jeremy Kool wolf


I’m not sure if this piece has literally been paper folded or whether the piece is computer generated but this captured my attention due the complexited of the folds adn the textures making it realistic. I like pieces that look like they have time and effort spent on them because this is a great skill to have which shows care for the piece.