Playboy magazine ad

I find this piece hilarious, I love that it lets the user of the towel become the front cover model. It’s fun and cheeky but simple in that it is just a red towel with printed worlds. I think they are promoting that they are looking for a model to feature in March. People usually are wearing less items of clothing at beaches so placing this ad in context works really well.

Australian Childhood Foundation: Invisible


I find this really eerie and scary which makes the piece noticable and memorabl Even though behind the poster is a dummy that is child size, the thing that makes it scary/ creepy is that the idea of a child being suffocated underneath the poster. In addition, the poster is three dimensional which makes it have more of an impact rather than a 2D child cutout.

Humans have emotions especially towards young children and within everyone’s nature, it is moral to take care of young children and the elderly as they are most vulnerable therefore, this campaign plans to hit the heart string’s of people.

Behind the child dummy is another poster so after a while, to get people noticing the poster again, they can release the dummy for another message – also the dummy may get tampered/ stolen by people over time.

World AIDS day

Good that it is a real life publicity stunt and it can be used for posters because it a strong visual. The person in the bubble is unmissble because the size of the bubble so when strolling down the street it would get people noticing. I think an improvent would be that the Tshirt design would be more prominent because on a poster an in real life, it would be difficult to see what the action was supporting for.

Million Dollar

“The website of Alex Tew, a 21-year-old entrepreneur, who hopes to pay his way through university by selling 1 million pixels of internet ad space for $1 each.”


A simple concept yet highly successful, I think the reason for Alex’s success is that his homepage played on the idea of exclusivity and that when large corporations saw this advertisement method, they thought they must have to join therefore making the homepage known to news and people. I think this was an easy way in raising awareness though he would have had to create hype for the product before it snowballed. This was the first of the kind and now there are replicas but this idea can’t really be continued unless adverts are replaced but people will/ have already lost interest.


Commemorating Bosnian war victims


“April 6, A river of empty red chairs filled Sarajevo’s main avenue Friday as Bosnians marked the 20th anniversary of the bloodiest conflict in Europe since World War II with songs and remembrance.”


When I saw this on the news I initally was taken aback by how many people had died with the representation of the red chairs. I think this is a very successful campaign to make people aware of how many victims of the war there was with the strong visual of red contrasting against the grey landscape.

The seats symbolise the honor they are given in that they get a seat, the seats are almost like a parade down the street. In addition, at the front of the rows, there were performances as if the red seats were filled with the victims and they get an exclusive performance and the performance is a mark of respect. It is one of the most extroadinary impactful campaigns I’ve seen in my whole entire life and one that is unique.

Free hugs campaign


“”Juan Mann” (pronounced one man) and fellow huggers have been spreading the love in Pitt St Mall, Sydney Australia for a while now. The hit video came about after Juan Mann hugged Shimon Moore (lead singer of Sydney Band the Sick Puppies). The video was shot by Shimon Moore and the song is called All The Same. Although the Free Hugs campaign started years ago, it has recently received a huge boost with the publishing of the video. Visit Juan Mann’s blogspace for updates on the campaign: You can also watch a video interview with Juan Mann on the SMH website.

 Here are more videos inspired by the Free Hug Campaign (and there are plenty more being added every day!):

Free Hugs in South Korea

Free Hugs in “Insadong of Korea”

Free Hugs in Poland 2006

Free Hugs Campaign in Tel Aviv

more Free Hugs in Tel Aviv 

Free Hugs in Krakow 

Free Hugs in Newfoundland 

Free Hugs posted before Juan Mann’s campaign 

Free Hugs group march 

As you can see, the Free Hugs campaign has now spread around the world – e.g. check out this website featuring a forum for international huggers to share their experiences.

So what are you waiting for – get hugging! Join our virtual hug for peace!”#


Simple idea in that anyone can do, it does not require any money and can have a online presence with their viral hits. I think it would have most impact when loads of people do it at once and this could be created through social media networks such as Facebook where people can invite their friends.

McDonald’s free coffee


The piece is like an hour glass where the frame is filled with coffee beans and after every week, some contents is extracted. It’s like an installation and that it is updated so that people can take notice and it is a reminder. This would make people feel on edge and must go do it because people have the tendacy to do things on an impulse or to do things last minute when time is on their mind.


Today I woke up to many Facebook wallposts about the video “KONY 2012”, I had seen a few posts of it for the past few weeks but today it was peaking. So I decided to see what this hype was about. The introduction starts showing the power of social networking sites and the internet getting messages across and campaigns. Then the narrator explains about his little son which gives a more compassionate feeling to the video. Another character is introduced being the narrator and the little boy’s friend who suffered in Uganda, being a victim of the child soldiers regime put in place by Kony.

He leads a army of child soldiers, where girls are used as sex slaves and boys as soldiers. Children (as young as the son in the video) are snatched and forced to become a child soldier under Kony which then they are made to kill there own parents. Kony does this for the sense of power. The narrator continues in what action he has taken and the impact he has made with the campaign against Kony. It shoes that he has had support from Barrack Obama and now wants to spread awareness by setting an event worldwide where on the 20th April 2012, people across the world will put posters/ spread the message across the town/ city at night so in the morning following people will be surprised and take notice.

The bit in the video that hit me was when the narrator, said that he made a promise to Jacob, he didn’t know how he was going to achieve it but he strongly felt the need to take action.

As an art specialist university I think this will be an opportunity to create awareness and show the individuals work at NUCA. I like the unity towards doing this for a good cause and yet there is a sense of danger as it is street art therefore putting work up on the event night will be difficult. It would be revolutionary in that it gets the whole world involved especially with the power of the internet by just streaming a video.

Here are some posters I have came across: