Passing the torch: An evolution of form


I found this website to be appealing because it allowed the user to scroll through the torches and it zooms in to reveal fine photographic detail of the torch. The caption accompanying the photo is the correct amount for the user to retain interest and it is good for the logo to be shown too as it grabs the readers senses (from the past of when the Olympics were held) and remember what was happening in that particular time period.

Beijing Olympic designs


I have no specific interest in the major sport event that is the Olympic Games. It is way too politicized for me, and the money involved makes the whole thing look more like a big marketing opportunity than a sport reunion.

However, it is still interesting to see how designers are participating in such an event, which I’ll try to do in this article by categories.


For the current games, an amazing work has been made to create the necessary infrastructure for the games to take place. World’s most famous architects have been hired to design those stadium, the most famous probably being the National Stadium and its amazing roof, created by Herzog & De Meuron.

Update: as Jacob suggested in the comment section, here is a link to more on the buildings that shape the Beijing olympics.

beijing olympic stadium

Fashion design

Fashion design at the Olympic Games doesn’t have much to do with glamorous magazines covers, but is more a matter of engineers looking for the best material to improve performances. One of the examples of this is probably the LZR Racer high-tech swimsuits.

swimming suit

Graphic design

A lot of graphic design elements are needed to promote such an event, the most viewed probably being the logo, mascots and pictograms.

beijing olympic logo

The Beijing Olympics logo

beijing olympic pictograms

The Beijing Olympics pictograms

beijing olympic mascots

The Beijing Olympics mascots

Product design

Apart from all the marketing items, some other objects have to be designed for the Olympic Games, such as the olympic torch or the medals.

olympic torches

Recent Olympic Torches, the New York Times has a complete collection of Olympic Torches.

beijing olympic medals

Olympic medals for Beijing Games, read about it on the official website.


I don’t have any picture of the current games to share here, but sport event are a great place for photographers to work. Be sure to regularly take a look at the Big Picture blog, they surely will post some great pictures.

Update: the Big Picture did post some pictures, and they are indeed awesome!

Design and branding trends: Olympic games


This website is really good as it summarises each Olympics with key notes on the right, Olympic images/ Olympic posters on the left and highlighted colour themes. The key notes doesn’t just feature design notes of the Olympics but also notes about the events e.g. “he ceremony was co-directed by Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou and Chinese choreographer Zhang Jigang. It featured a cast of over 15,000 performers, and was dubbed beforehand as “the most spectacular Olympics Opening Ceremony ever produced”.

I found this website easy to read as it had a simple scroll down vertically layout and that it gave me a better understanding and a wider perspective of design for Olympics.