One word poster brief: “You are required to design a poster that promotes and communicates one of the words presented below. Develop the concept of your chosen word using wit, irony, parody, cynicism, metaphor – anything you consider to be appropriate – so long as it is relevant and communicates effectively The poster should be presented as a fully finished visual, and must include you selected word.”


How to Be Inappropriate – design by Alvaro Villanueva

Even though this is not a poster, I thought this was good to give me of what I could do with my one word poster because it captures the word “inappropriate” well. The use of image is strong and this needs to be what the one word poster has to be. The colour used for the text compliments background image well because the mustard and brown have similar hue. The word innapropriate is positioned well on the page because it is just above the act of inappropriateness which is the central focus of the book cover design.

Interpretation from the one word poster brief

I wrote some ideas that initially came to me when I saw the words and thought that it would express the word well as if I thought of it initially, it would trigger people’s first reaction and relate the poster to the word. This is a mind map of what I had thought about the words.

I later did some really rough sketches to express what I had imagined the basic layout/ concept of the poster to be like.

I spoke to Rob and the ones without the pint circle are discussed to be too literal and the pink circles ones are the ones I am going to expand and develop upon.