John Lewis tugs those xmas heartstrings again


They’ve done it again: Adam & Eve’s new Christmas ad for John Lewis tugs at a nation’s heartstrings as a little boy awaits the special day

The ad is entitled The Long Wait and was directed by Dougal Wilson. If the reaction on Twitter is anything to go by, it’s another winner, although Charlie Brooker is attempting to spread the idea that, at the end, that box contains a nasty surprise…

Here’s the making-of film


Georgia and Verdana typefaces redrawn


Matthew Carter, who designed the Georgia and Verdana typefaces in the 1990s, has updated them to be better suited to mobile and tablet devices.


The Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro typefaces, which are being released by Monotype Imaging, have been updated to feature 20 weights and new character sets.

New weights include a light, semibold and black, each with matching italics, in addition to new condensed families.

Carter has worked with Monotype Imaging’s Tom Rickner, who worked on the orginal typefaces, while Font Bureau’s David Berlow has worked on Verdana Pro and Monotype Imaging’s Steve Matteson on Georgia Pro.


The original typefaces were developed for Microsoft’s Core Fonts for the Web pack. Allan Haley, director of words and letters at Monotype Imaging, says, ‘Georgia and Verdana represented major milestones in the 1990s because they worked so well on-screen and were among the first Web-safe fonts.’

He adds, ‘However, with four fonts each, they were limited in their use. The new Pro versions empower these highly legible, tried-and-true designs with newfound typographic versatility.’

Matteson says, ‘The enhancements to the families are significant – especially in this new age of Web fonts. With the explosion of devices that provide for on-screen reading experiences, these fonts are more relevant than ever.’