Review of assembled zine draft version 3

I cut the pages and folded the pages together to discover as there are many pages, it makes the zine chunky and makes the inner pages stick out. Therefore I need to consider the detail/ text near the edge of the page.

I found that when double sided printing, it makes one side about 1mm/ 2mm out, so when I align the two pages it makes the bottom of the page shorter than the other. Therefore I will need to review my work and see if there are any text/ major images that spread across two pages and ensure that there is a minor gap/ minor leading between so that the alignment of pages wouldn’t matter as much.

Also I notices that on the right of the zine, as there are many pages it is thicker, therefore I will need to make the door cover on the right slightly longer as in the photo below, the right door needs to be closer to the backpack

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