The 8 Worst Fonts In The World


“In 2007, Anthony Cahalan published his study of font popularity (or otherwise) as part of Mark Batty’s Typographic Papers Series (Volume 1). He had sent an online questionnaire to more than a hundred designers, and asked them to identify: A) the fonts they used most B) the ones they believed were most highly visible C) the ones they liked least.

Least Favorite:

  1. Times New Roman (19)
  2. Helvetica/Helvetica Neue (18)
  3. Brush Script (13)
  4. Arial
  5. Courier (8)
  6. Rotis
  7. Souvenir (6)
  8. Grunge Fonts (generic) (5)
  9. Avant Garde
  10. Gill Sans (4)
  11. Comic Sans (3)

The Least Favorite survey contained brief explanations. Twenty-three respondents said the fonts were misused or overused; 18 believed they were ugly; others found them to be boring, dated, impractical or clichéd; 13 expressed either dislike or blind hatred.”

I think with the dislike of fonts, it is because that they have become overused/ default fonts such as Times New Roman default on Windows computers and Helvetica being overused on branding. There are thousands of fonts out there yet there are only a couple that are constantly used because they seem to apply/ categorised into certain moods/ situations/ places. Interesting how Helvetica is on the least favourite list yet there are so many lovers of the font but I think people have come to realised that design has become humogenous and needs a change. Crazy how Comic Sans, which is a very controversial font and mostly hate by designers is at the bottom of the list below Helvetica regarded as perfect. I used to hate Comic Sans when I was younger but now I like it due to it in inflicting emotion and that most people avoid the font and not use it making it special in it’s own right compared to other fonts making the whole design world boring as they are plastered everywhere.

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