Sniffin’ Glue

1976 – Early punk zine started by Mark Perry.

I went to the library to look at the Sniffin’ Glue issues which are actual versions from that time period as they were preserved by the library’s archive. It’s evident that the zine was handmade with scrawny writing and photos that had been cut and stuck onto the page. There is a mixture of handwritten text and typed writing using a typewriter. Headings are handwriting with a bold marker to give a hierachy. Images aren’t even aligned straight giving the connotation of not caring and going against society/ traditions which was what postmodernism and punk was about.

No special effects was used in Sniffin’ Glue magazines, it appeared that it was literally cut, paste, handwritten and then photocopied making it look more edgey. In the photos below, it shows that the person who put the zine together didn’t even check their work when assembling their articles and only after they noticed that the spacing was too tight they scribbled a column line. The vertical text shows that the text was added last minute because of the positioning and it is tightly squashed.


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