Riot Grrrl

  • 1991 – Allison Wolte and Molly Neuman publish Riot Grrrl
  • there was a rise of feminism and the zine was created to celebrate this movement
  • zine concentrated on music and fashion

  • homemade cut-and-paste, xeroxed, collagey zines that covered a variety of feminist topics
  • used to voice opinion and share experiences making a community
  • Riot Grrrl now has an online blog –


This is the meaning of zines, in creating a medium for people to share their interests and opinions. In the past, women was regarded less equal to men and by making a zine underground and low, they could voice their opinion in which everyday people would not listen, this provided support to one and another to boost confidence. As seen in the issues of Riot Grrrl above, it has that grungy appearance where images have been cut and stuck onto an A4 sheet then photocopied (there was an increase use of Xerography as photocopying was introduced), handwritten text is then added to fill in the empty space between the images. But with the handmade appearance, it make it look more raw and more personal giving it attitude saying it doesn’t have to be perfect adding to the philosophy of the magazine in expressing female’s opinions.

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