Book: Whatcha mean what’s a zine?

Todd, M. and Watson, E. (2006) Whatcha mean, what’s a zine? : the art of making zines and minicomics. Boston, Mass.: Graphia.

Review of book: This book I thought was cute filled with illustration basing in the history and concept of zines being handmade and small distribution scales. I thought some of the pages had too much illustration in that it was too busy and distracting to extract information/ read. It broke done the concept of zine into history, zine bindings and some examples of works with some interviews with zine designers/ artists too. I think that the book it a good read for brief information about zines and good to get a picture of the industry because they have interviews with small zine designers. The graphics and handwritten notes gives the book an endearing touch.

There are tips in how to write articles for zines, how to get inspiration for image, how to write interviews, how to construct zines, how to print/ screenprint, different effects achieved with the photocopier.

One the layout/ bindings that I found interesting was a poster fold out, where the cover is a poster and it is wrapped around the zine which can be used as a bookmark too. I don’t think it’s suitable for my zine but I think it would be good for a zine about bands or some kind of character so I’ll keep this binding/ layout in mind for the future.


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