Book: Magazine design

Foges, C. (1999) Magazine design. Crans-pres-celigny: Rotovision.

Review of book: This book broke down the anatomy of a magazine from biding to cover lines to binding. The book was good that it featured work that was different/ revolutionary, I especially liked the page that showed the application of different materials that made the magazine Dazed interactive. “Dazed & confused, Issue: Aug 1997. In this issue, cover mode Helena Christiansen’s modesty was preserved by the application of a metallic coating. Half of the readers who bought the magazine and scratched off the panel got lucky, and saw Christiansen unclothed. The others were disappointed to find her censored by two black stars under the panel.”

I love the interactivity and it makes the magazine fun and exciting too, making it a collectors item in the future because people either got the lucky unclothed one and some may have kept the metallic coating to preserve the issue. The book highlighted fine detail of magazines in how some magazines have there barcodes and the spine of magazines. Wallpaper magazine features the main articles that feature in their magazine which I noticed when reading them in the library and that it is helpful when searching for issues relating to my topic.

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