Book: Editorial design

Zappaterra, Y. (2007) Editorial design. London: Laurence King.

Review of book: I liked the cover of the book with it’s paper envelope texture and this matched the contents where each chapter was based on a different editorial company. Each chapter was divided with a picture of the envelope from the editorial company sent to the person who wrote the book. I think that this was playful because it shows the individuality of the different editorial company and that even envelopes has a sense of structure/ font/ layouts and that it packages the company (in literal and sub- meaning too). The book consisted of no writing apart from contact details of the different comapnies. It was lovely to view the different works of the greatest editorials in Britain and good to give me inspiration on different formats and layouts.

The featured work from Hat- Trick who I like and they lectured earlier in the year too. They showed their “Three” work and highlighted I’ve got to look at details because even small details such as ribbon bookmarks where they have three of them going with the theme of three.


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