Skills: Learning about camera technical features, shutter speed, F stop, ISO


I borrowed a DSLR camera from uni because I wanted to learn photography skills for some of my graphic design work in the future, especially taking photos for my portfolio. I went on Youtube to search for videos to explain to me the different functions of the camera. I wanted to especially learn about apperture where a feature is in focused whilst the background is blurred.

I learnt that F-Stop controls the how much light is let into the lens, the smaller the number, the more light is let in. Shutter speed control how long the photo is captured, the smaller the number, the slower the speed.


  • Daytime: low ISO (less sensitive to light)
  • Sporting events, indoors: high ISO (more sensitive to light)
  • Faster shutter speed requires higher ISO in low light


Here are examples of experimenting with different F-Stop, ISO and shutter speeds. As seen on the left, there is more blur and darker that the middle photo. Whilst on the right, there is huge focus on the remote.


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