Lecture: History of Advertising Trust (HAT)

Is adversiting good for your health?

  • was founded in 1976 to collect and preserve the UK’s advertising heritage and to make it available to all  for study and research
  • HAT became an educational charity in 1978
  • HAT’s collections embrace al forms of brand communications in both old and new media including marketing
  • provides stories behind famous brands
  • contributing to new media – updating Heinz Facebook timeline with their achived history
  • adveristing industry today worth 19 bilion
  • 1927 Ashley Havendon, simple graphic, invented ENO’s typeface
  • common to British advertisement is humour> Victory V ad
  • Frank Lowe created a cigarette ad of pyramids  – nothing to do with product. Great photography but hid the logo of Bensons
  • Silk Cut cigarettes with scissors printed on silk
  • Silk Cut, pruple shoulder curtain, Pschyo

  • have to by law to put how harmful cigarettes are
  • John Gilroy, created famous Guiness ads

  • Ostrich – (glass should be upside down) glass looking instead of weight
  • Heineken had a version of Gilroy, “refreshers the part..”
  • Smirnoff – took mundane people that had their lives transformmed
  • HAT has complete GSK informaiton from 1920
  • series of Benetton ads – tongue, baby
  • Greenpeace furcoat draging – “dumb animals”
  • “your talk may kill you comrades, powerful graphics


Response to lecture: I’ve never been taught about the history of adverts and to see some of the most iconic pieces was an eye opener. I didn’t really know how good/ impact of cigarette adverts were in the past and it seems like that Silk Cut was on the ball with their adverts in being simple and iconic with the play on words and the colour association of purple. I had heard that Guiness adverts were very popular in the past but had not seen examples, they seem to have the same style of posters in the World War 2 era in that they were hand painted with text positioned across the top. I wasn’t aware this institution exisiting and I will try to visit the place when I have the time, the address is: 12 Raveningham Centre, Raveningham, Norwich NR14 6NU


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