Book: The 10 influential creators for magazine design

PIE books (2007) The 10 influential creators for magazine design. Tokyo; Enfield: P.I.E.; Publishers Group UK [distributor].

Review of book: Ray Gun did appear in this book and I do agree that his work is influential as it was very different in the time period it was published. The book contained mini biographies of the magazine creators and was nice to read about there life but I thought there could be information about how there work was revolutionary and their inspiration for there magazine, also what was the impact on the time period. Surprisingly there was a lot of Japanese creators that was influential, I wasn’t aware how big the magazine industry is in Japan. Below features the pages about Work In Progress (Self Service) – Ezra Petronio, for me I don’t find there pages amazing because there are so many magazines these days and some appear like that too. But I understand that work is different depending on the time period and on the audience. Most of the magazines featured in the book are glossy magazines which I thought was a shame because I wanted a sense of rawness and how they developed to become one of the 10 influential creators.


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