Book: We love magazines

Losowsky, A. (2007) We love magazines. Luxembourg: Editions Mike Koedinger.

Review of book: I was hoping to get inspiration for layouts and grids with this book in that it would have large images of magazine spreads. But instead it had textual information. Nice that it gave a history of the different magazine and the history of various magazines from different genres. I like the pages of “Great moments” where it highlighted key issues, in particular I liked the page about Big Issue and how magazines have different interests of being able to help homeless people and methods of distribution. It reminded me of how magazine doesn’t just serve one purpose in looking nice and providing information.

I don’t think this book was helpful visually for me to get information and the text in the book at times was too faint and didn’t go in depth or went off on a tangent in talking about something else.

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