Book: The picture book

Hyland, A. and Bell, R. (2010) The picture book : contemporary illustration. London: Laurence King.

Review of book: I looked at this book to get inspiration for artwork or style for my zine. It contained styles of illustration but to be honest, I thought that the styles were pretty similar and I thought there could have been more variety. The most popular style/ appeared the most was the simple pen sketch one which is also currently trending in the design industry presently. There wasn’t any style that particularly grabbed me or a style of illustration which I wanted my zine to look like.

But I liked Gina Triplett’s work, I like the rough sketchy style in contrast to the rough painted colour. A combination of different drawing styles in that the dog in the bottom right it coloured in more real life looking whilst the other dogs are more abstract. There colours work really well together as they are similar shade of blue, yellow and green which compliment each other. There is a strong use of blue (potentially making it look dull) but with the large patches of yellow, it balances it out.


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