Book: Ray Gun: out of control

Ray Gun (1997) Ray Gun : out of control. London: Booth-clibborn.

Review of book: This book is both for my zine and my contextual studies. Personally I don’t like the style of postmodernism and Ray Gun but it’s good to try different things and see what’s out there. I find that Ray Gun’s work is really messy and lazy graphic design but I know that is the effect they want to achieve and that things are positioned for a purpose so it is not lazy.

It took a lot of time to read the book as text was scattered everywhere on a page and there was lines across text and sometimes text was hidden behind images etc. It did get frustrating and annoying because it made me have to think what I was reading as it didn’t make sense. I don’t want to go down the route of my zine in this style as I just find it confusing.

I understand of what postmodernism is more like and that it is very strange even in the present time so it must have been extremely revolutionary in the 1990’s.


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