Noticing the Eurostar logo

Whilst sitting on the tube train, I saw a Eurostar ad and only then I noticed the design of the logo. The logo is featured in the bottom right corner and I thought to myself “ohhh that’s clever!”. By extending the cross bar of the e, the rest of the e becomes a tube/ tunnel which symbolises the business in that it is a tunnel between England and France. The cross bar has a swirl stroke which can show the flow of traffic and can symbolise the ease of use because the connotations of flow is that everything is smooth. happens consecutively and goes well. The text “Eurostar” accompanys the logo so that people who are not familiar with the visual logo know what the ad is about. It is positioned below the cross bar and fits snuggly there otherwise the visual logo would look off balance as the cross bar is longer on the right side.

I found it strange to feature a women in the ad but maybe the designer wanted to feature an emotional trigger in that Amsterdam is expressed to be happy as the women is smiling.


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