DVD: The real Saatchis – master of illusion

The real Saatchis – master of illusion, Channel 4 (broadcasted on 10/07/99)

The real Saatchis – masters of illusion (1999) [DVD]. Channel 4.

  • 1968 – year of rebellion
  •  –  Charles Saatchi planned his career
  •  –  already renowned copyriter – famous of the pregnant man advert
  •  –  ready to challenge the order
  • Dramatic visuals, tough message
  • Cigarettes with tar
  • Had Health Education account
  • Joined younger brother Morris later
  • Jewish, they saw themselves as outsiders
  • Charles was streetsmart whilst Morris had qualifications
  •  1960’s adverts were safe cosy family looking
  • Spotted “Campaign” newspaper to get themselves noticed
  • Saatchi would wine and dine “Campaign” journalists
  • Taken over by Garland Compton
  • Lost Health Education account
  •  – Then took Silk Cut as a client (opposite to what they was working for before)
  • Conservatives as a client
  •  – they didn’t have money to pay and would become bankrupt therefore future industrialists clients would not book if Conservatives did not win the election
  • They thought that it’s not about being the best but the biggest
  •  – kept buying businesses
  • They didn’t understand the businesses they bought > no management

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