Wallpaper* Kraftwerk

URL – http://magculture.com/blog/?p=11765

“It’s the time of year again when Wallpaper* hands over control to guest editors. This time two invited editors have their hands on the issue – artist Christian Marclay and graphic designs favourite band Kraftwerk, who have contributed a set of 3D images from an upcoming exhibition and book. Kraftwerk fans will recognise the visual references in the pages after the jump, and enjoy the tributes from Peter Saville, Neville Brody and cyclist David Millar among others. And magazine fans will love the front cover.”


This gives a different experience for the reader in that they get to view the magazine which is jumping on the three dimensional trend with the increase use in movies. I like that the 3D glasses that are required for the magazine to be attatched as part of the front cover. The front cover features a man wearing them which shows the reader that they are needed in the magazine. There is minimal text on the front page so that the main focus is on the 3d glasses

There is a consistent use of black, white, grey and red which makes it look like it’s from the 1950’s era. The graphics have a retro look with a hard black outline for the images (within the magazine) and the use of green, olive and green colours.


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