Bloomberg Businessweek front cover


“Many a Bloomberg Businessweek front cover has been featured here but none have drawn so directly from editorial design history as this weeks. The tightly cropped portrait and simple, direct question is classic sixties Esquire.

The exciting thing about this and other BBW covers isn’t just that they are always well designed, it’s that they draw on so many different sources. Typography, illustration, infographics, graffiti… and now classic Esquire. Yet they all hang together. Top stuff.”

It’s interesting that they have positioned the headline of the magazine where Obama’s T zone is. They could have chosen to place the headline on the cheek because there is no detail. But I think they positioned it there because readers/ people are naturally drawn to eyes when communicating and that eyes are said to reveal emotion.

The photo used on the cover is a very intimate shot revealing every wrinkle/ blemish that Obama has. Therefore the eyes expression has be give a good impression to the audience. Text is kept to a minimal exposing face more and it can be considered more of an art direction.

I really like this cover as it’s so exposing and making a statement. It’s very daring to have such as close up shot of the face especially for famous figures such as politians like Obama Barrack.


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