Book: Information is beautiful

McCandless, D. (2009) Information is beautiful. London: Collins.

Review of book: I really like this book and contemplating in owning this book too, each page is truly beautiful. Maybe because I like David McCandless’ style in being clean and simple. I thought that with his different infographics he had produces he would make each one a different style with different fonts etc but no, he kept the same font throughout the book and the same simplistic style. He uses a round sans serif font with white lines alot with white/ black text.

He has used one double page to express 100% dividing the segments depending on the amount for each category, this shows a use of volume and representing values in size instead of line graphs and bar graphs where it is expressed in height.

Following/ being the trend of using circles, McCandless has divided the circle into segments which are labelled with numbers which are then reffered to the legend at the bottom of the page. Visually a nice looking piece where it can be a pattern and by making information look aesthetically pleasing it would make people look.

Shaped like the alcoholic drink, it makes the infographic look more appealing and more recognisable. I assume that the infographic is accurate to the volume quantities of the different drinks mixed. Another example of showing things in volumes instead of figures/ numbers. As shown here, there is the same use of font and the use of black and white, the two infographics above use white/ black text and clearly show that they are by the same designer.

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