Street art utopia


This works on the object being in a different context and the scale of the object. They are logs which have been cut at the ends to shape as pencils and painted. I find it quite funny because it has a fun element and the image of someone trying to use the large scale pencil.

This is a drawing based on perspective and the image of the ground probably can only be viewed accurately by standing at a specific point in the ground. I find that there is so much skill in drawing things in perspective and especially drawing it on a large flat horizontal cavas. Having the floor as a canvas allows publicity and for the public to admire your work, also it allows the artist to work in large scale rather having to build the objects in large scale themselves.

Simple in concept in just putting lego bricks together to fit the gap but if I were to see this when walking along the street, it would lighten my day because lego is associated with childhood days with the playful element. The bright bricks contrast with the grey bricks making the piece very lively.


This is in a very small scale in a puddle and the expressions of the people look really creepy. All these works have shown me to experiment with scale and everyday surrounding and working with them differently e.g. placing my work in various places to make my work stand out and to give a different meaning.


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