Lecture: Event magazine – Rob Hillier

  • Andy Warhol bought “Interview magazine, was Avante Garde > great article with Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Litte White Lie – trendy magazine
  • Develop you own visual language
  • Neville Brody – The Face > wanted to make every spread a poster
  • National Geographic magazine – not readable but impressionable
  • Magazine is a 3D object
  • Laser cut sleeve, use latest technology
  • Amelia’s magazine
  • Explore colour
  • Record events or an extensive event
  • Edit event material
  • Take a sketchbook, draw, write
  • Format: size
  • “Cut your own path but don’t copy”


Response to lecture: I found that I’m not great with layouts and I’m new to them because I have never been taught as I went to sixth form, so I will need to look at loads of existing publications (magazines, books) in the library and on the internet. I’ve looked at layout and gridding books before and didn’t really find them inspiring but looking at magazines with content in would help I think. I have got some ideas of the zine and my event could be a bike ride journey with my friend.


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