Lecture: Infographics – Darren Leader

  • BBC Newsnight – Infographics
  • Stephanie Posavec
  • Trends in politicians and news media use them
  • Neville Brody vs David McCandless
  • “Most popular infographics”:

  • Presenting facts at a glance
  • How do we create effective infographics?
  • – tell a story
  • – start with one dominant visual
  • – highlight salient stats
  • – don’t be overwhelmed by your data
  • – display proportion and scale
  • – waitingforsuperman.com > American Vimeo video


Response to lecture: I like the different examples that Darren showed us, in particular the infograph about infograph trends which I found entertaining/ funny because it highlights trending/ mainstream styles and it slightly mocks infographs that some are unoriginal. The waitingforsuperman video was particularly good because it links one info visual to another using shape transitions and I will need to consider this when creating my animated infograph which I am creating ontop of my A2 piece and booklet.


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