Book: Data flow 2

Klanten, R. (2010) Data flow 2 : visualising information in graphic design. Berlin: Gestalten.

Review of book: This is the second book of the dataflow series, it features the same layout where the infographics are categorised. There were the same categories and in addition to these:

Dataprocess: Represent workflows, shed light on complex processes, demonstrate functions, depict sequences.

Datacurves: The overall economic climate, the downward -pointing curve has become an almost iconic symbol.

Dataesthetic: Primarily goal of these visualisation is not to inform, where data is a means to express personal feelings and to create works that reach out to our senses and emotions.

“Jason Freeny – Micro schematic, Anatomie gummi bar, Pneumatic anatomica

Jason Freeny’s anatomical sketches strips the virtual flesh of tasty snacks, childhood friends and kiddies cuties for an in-depth look at the leisure industry.”

This infographic was under the dataprocess category, the infographic has a comedic value because it shows the anatomy of a legoman, gummy bear and a balloon dog. It’s in the style of a human body diagram and has a clear layout with a lot of empty space.

“Nadeem Haidary – In-formed

What’s on your plate? A starter dish for Africa, a full meal for Europe: in caloric consumption, the representated date – calories per capita around the world – is visualised by the length of each prong and the size of each plate.”

I like how a two dimensiona representation has turned into a three dimensional model in a fork. I think this would be an obvious idea if I had the topic of consumption, though it’s nicely done with the clean sans serif font making the fork look dynamic and simple.


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