Lecture: Turner Duckworth

Turner Duckworth – Bruce Duckworth

  • – 2 offices, 1 in London, 1 in San Francisco

What they look for to employ:

  • David Turner works in San Francisco
  • Bruce Duckworth works in London
  • David works in SF because of family commitments
  • 20 employees in each studio

  • Skyline (London & San Francisco) Christmas card got into D&AD

3 types of client:

  • a) cultural significant – Coca Cola, Levi Strauss & Co, Le Creuse
  • b) progressive retail – Waitrose, Homebase, occassionally Superdrug
  • c) entrepreneaurial – Liz Earle Beauty co, Lake House Table (new), Popchips


  • Amazon logo
  • New Diet Coke can
  • Levi logo

  • Use of logo e.g. Coco Chanel bad “change £40 bag to worth a lot more with the use of logo”

  • Yahoo (complicated) search page vs. Google (simple) search page
  • “simplicity must delight” > Waitrose honey pot> delight added with an image of a bee for the letter ‘e’

  • Design Week creative survey voted Turner Duckworth as number 1 in design packaging industry

What we look for:

  1. great ideas – summer 2011 Coke can, negative space flip flops. “Do everything for a reason”
  2. enthusiasm
  3. personality
  • “If it looks like hard work, you’re not working hard enough” – Fred Astaire
  • England prepared o give time and scope (appreciates subtleness)
  • America not subtle and immediately dismiss if they don’t understand

Response to lecture: After looking into Turner Duckworth before their lecture, I was really excited and the most look forward to the lecture I’ve ever been. I thought that their work is really impressive in that the big clients they have such as Coca Cola and Amazon, especially in that their work is current too because usually other lectures are talking about their work decades ago. Bruce spoke about different things but mainly what they are looking for in their company such as a person’s characteristic to work in their company or to become successful. I found that inspiring because it allowed us to take these notes down and work towards a goal at the end where we all graduate and get into the graphic design industry.

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