DVD: Beauty of diagrams

Beauty of diagrams, BBC4 (broadcasted 18/11/2010 – 23/12/2010)

Sautoy, M.d. and Waterhouse, M. (2010) The beauty of diagrams [DVD]. BBC; Tern.

Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Leonardo Da Vinci “man is the model of the world”
  • For a building to be perfect, it must have perfect symmetry and geommetry
  • Leonardo – painting is like a carving
  • 6 palms make a cubit distance from hand to elbow
  • Elbow to armpit is an eighth of a man’s height
  • Bottom of chin to nose is a third of face
  • Ratio come from Petrouvious
  • Did the man fit the shape first of shape fit the man?
  • Diagram of height = arm span
  • Cubit = 1 arm to tip of the finger
  • Judas Last Supper, he watched people to find the right face
  • Da Vinci liked people watching
  • London Belgrave Square, man scultpure of his male drawing
  • The Times newspaper have comical version of his male drawing e.g. obese women

Polish priest and astronomer Niclaus Copernicus – sun centred universe

Florence Nightingale

  • Rose diagram > red represent wounded, black from other e.g. frost bite, blue from infections
  • Higher number from infections
  • William Playfair – early charts/ graphs mostly line graphs
  • “Important to convey visual”
  • Tangent graphic, Afghanistan take on the Rose diagram
  • Ellie Harrison: infographic designer “suceeded words had failed”

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