Trying a more minimalistic style for my infographic

After gathering research of looking at existing infographics, I found that the most successful infographics are the simple styled ones as seen:

I found that information can be tiring to read, but with this piece, it makes it look aesthetically clean by having minimalistic items. It isn’t cluttered with good use of negative space between the information/ text making it look more free (less dense) and more appealing to read.

I will try to stick to a small palette of colour and keep the layout simple. There are only 6 colours used in this diagram, three vibrant colours to highlight key information, and three hues of grey for less important information. But there is a strong dark grey to establish hierachy in the titles.

I think will need to feature images of fish to establish what the infographic about because as learnt from this particular infographic, I wouldn’t immediately know what it is about as the image of the ear isn’t really prominent:

I am going to have my infographics as a newspaper size because I wanted to create a three dimensional outcome in addition to the two dimensional outcome of a poster. The three dimensional posters will be folded to a chip bag shape to contain the chip bar chart.

(URL –

I found that newspaper layouts has the features of a:

– bold sans serif title/ headline, – a thin horizontal line at the top of the page, – thin horizontal lines used as dividers to breakup information, text in columns

Result I want to achieve: I think I want to retain some of the key features of the newspaper in my infographic but I think I’d want to make it appear more interesting instead of columned data and it can be used/ appear like a poster as well.


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