Lecture notes – Tuesday 25th October – Harvey B Brown

This has been the most interesting lecture by far because his work I can actually relate because it is current and well known. I found his lecture to be inspiring in that even though he did not get good grades at university and his tutors didn’t understand his work, he still managed to do well in making fashion pieces and music videos. He had a charming personality which made the lecture more lively and captivating compared to other lectures. He works included the small commercials before the ITV weather which I slightly remember when I was a child and he directed music videos for the Sugababes.

I liked how he worked with different elements e.g. fashion, music, film etc and this shows how we can divert into other art disciplines and this is what I like because personally I like other disciplines too. I like photography, fashion and craft therefore he has shown me that this is a achievable goal.


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