Summative evaluation

I have learnt through two of the projects (One word poster and Word & image) that my work is too literal and needs to be more subtle and think out of the box. I have to concentrate more on the form of typography and the concept of typography rather that image concepts because with the word & image my work was confusing because it had aspects of illustration and pure typography. My problem was that I did not know how to use Adobe Illustrator so I found it difficult to illustrate what I was thinking to be the same on screen. I found that my concepts in theory were good however it became lifeless on screen and didn’t convey my idea well. But I have built confidence in using Illustrator as I have had inductions and I have used other programs similar to Illustrator. With my grown confidence, I chose to then use it with my word & image task and found that my ideas looked strong and I managed to project what I was thinking onto the screen.

In addition, I discovered that I find it difficult to capture the desired effects/ images using the DSLR camera, I will need to improve in understanding the settings of a camera so I can build the fundaments on how to achieve the effects I want. I did look in the NUCA library and the city’s library but I still found it difficult to understand the terminology and information.

Surprisingly, the least project I enjoyed being the type off page became my favourite final piece with the shoe with impress carved on the sole of them. I like the photographs produced from the photo shoot with the high quality and clarity. I also enjoyed carving the shoe because personally I enjoy making things (arts and crafts) and it was a nice break from constantly using the computer to work on.

The experience in visiting The Norfolk & Norwich Association for The Blind was fascinating because it also taught me things beyond my research in visual impaired perception. Richard from the institute showed me gadgets that helped the visually impaired, how they do everyday things and I met a person who was blind who was a pleasure to meet. Even though it was part of research for my image task, it also imparted on my personal values and opened my mind too.

Usually in my school life, I’ve tended to have artist’s block where I just stop work because I have no inspiration therefore not motivated to do work. However on this course I have found myself to be motivating myself because I enjoy the course and the course content is interesting to me. This is good because then I am able to meet separate deadlines without having to stress to complete everything last minute. In addition, by being motivated, I am then able to produce dummies on time for critiques and gain feedback.


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