Evaluation: 5. Word and image

I chose the text “An Exaltation of Larks” by James Lipton and I was going to produce a booklet however after completing rough sketches, I discovered that the work would communicate better in a series of posters illustrating his main text as I consider it to be most important. I chose the page layout to be square because it looks more complete as a series placed beside each other and they also could be tiled as well. I presented my ideas to my tutor but he thought that my ideas to be too literal (as realised in one word poster project), therefore I researched into the game “Dingbats” which I played in my childhood. This game uses layout and images to express the text/ phrase. This inspired me to think more about positioning and connotations of the images. I drew some scanned sketched in my sketchbook and then developed them on Illustrator. I had not worked on Illustrator in depth before therefore the technical induction experience helped me and overtime this developed my skills in the program, especially when using the pen tool, anchor points because initially I could create smooth curves but now I have learnt keyboard shortcuts and the different ways in using the pen tool. I have learnt throughout the projects set that I have to be less literal and that I need to work with form of typefaces.


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