Evaluation: 4. Unknowing the city

Initially I had no direction of where to take with the project because I had no idea of what the final piece would be. But to inspire me, I explored paths I had never been before; this was a good opportunity to take photos of the “unknown” city, in addition to build my geographic knowledge of Norwich. I took images I personally found visually interesting, though I did walk through busy parts of the city; I tried to experiment with different perspectives (close ups, high/ low angles). After collecting the series of images, I still had no idea for a final piece. However, the image that inspired me was the shot of the The Forum roof that looked like an eye. My direction for the project was going to be images what visually impaired would view of the city – the city can be unknown to them through sight. Everyday is more unknown to them compared to people who have full sight. I expanded my research by contacting Norfolk & Norwich Association of The Blind and arranged to have a consultation. I tried on goggles that simulated different types of visual impairment and found this fascinating. This helped me get the perspective to achieve with the images. I experimented with a pinhole through black card, motion blur, black paint and Vaseline on acetate in front of the lens.


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