Evaluation: 3. Shut up & make things

I was initially thrown off with the concept of having to work with someone I didn’t know because I was scared we would have clashing ideas or that we would not communicate and resulting in me having to produce all the work. I didn’t know but reflecting back, I think we worked well because we communicated to each other if we had new ideas and the progress of the work. We both sat down and selected the verbs that we chose that we were happy to take further and develop, we both chose one and then decided on the final one together. We both worked at “to fire” idea first but then after constructing it in real life, we discovered it wouldn’t work in real life as the catapult was too flimsy. Chris developed the idea of “to light” by experimenting with different effects. We went back to the idea of “to impress” where Chris researched into sand footprints which then we thought of making a shoe with the word carved on it. I used the lino tool to cut the word and we took photos in context (in the park opposite the Norwich Playhouse). Reflecting back, I would have tried different soils/ effects with the shoe such as making water footprints, but I’m happy with the result of the final outcome but with the photos, the word impress could have been more significant in the image by applying more pressure to the shoe.


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