5. Evaluation

I have chosen the topic of Olympics because of how controversial it is from the branding to the ticketing system, in addition it is current news and that it is relevant to myself as I live on the outskirts of London. I particularly found the design for the Olympics to be interesting from the logo to the mascots to the recently released posters. The research method I used was to use the library to gather information about design styles and design principles (such colours, layouts and branding). I read books about the history of the Olympics and the different sport events within it. Then I used the internet to search for relevant articles related to the Olympics and to get a wider perspective of views on the latest event. Also the internet connects users from across the world therefore there would be a larger range of content and that I could view past Olympic designs – some websites gave me the option of interactivity and made researching more enjoyable.

I found that the series of Ambrose and Harris’ books to be useful because it gave information of design principles and theories. The book “Olympic Image” was relatively interesting too because it featured colour photos of each countries Olympic style which help me understand the different countries design style and how it compares to London 2012.

With research, it has impacted on my thinking of the London 2012 logo where that now I don’t have a strong dislike for the logo because I now understand that the design has a reason for the simplistic style and appreciate it through research about minimalism (as my personal taste opposite to minimalism). In addition, the logo is good in the sense that it is flexible where the fill can have anything inside e.g. a pattern or a texture. I think the methods I have used to be successful but initially I found that finding information about the design aspect of the Olympics to be difficult as I had used the library first and they did not have any content on the Olympics specifically. But the method using the internet was successful because I found a lot of relevant and useful content about the design aspect of the Olympics. Some material I had found was not really relevant to my topic such as with some of the branding books I read was too niche towards business branding businesses rather than an international events and the history of Olympics weren’t particularly helpful because I wanted to know mainly about the current 2012 Olympics rather than how it was originated.


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