2. Annotated text – Branding

Branding is a form of a promise in where they market their products to meet consumer’s expectations. Branding can be a form of a name, symbol, sign or device which can help consumers differentiate the person’s/ business’s product from competitors. It was said that it was first used on branding animals in England to show ownership, whilst later, Wedgewood used branding was used to connote quality.

By establishing a brand, it can create can create intangible value where the brand can portray a certain aura or reputation (e.g. quality) making the launch of new products to consumers easier as they are a trusted brand. It is used to differentiate from competitors and this could be in the form of visual applications such as packaging, form, colours, fonts and these would be based on the brand’s style.

Brands can associate with our senses either it be the product itself or the environment the brand is located, e.g. supermarket and with these senses, it is a system for differentiation. In addition, the concept branding can be attached to the concept of marketing where the most successful brands usually have a unique selling point where it is then advertised to customers.


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