Are you a design nerd?


I think I need to own these sets of graphic design triva questions just for personal interest and to test my knowledge.

DESIGNerd is a new trivia game venture, devised by Brisbane-based graphic designer Kevin Finn of Finn Creative. The first three limited edition packs of ‘100+ Graphic Design Questions by’ have recently launched with each pack’s questions devised by a different designer…

Kevin Finn set the questions (each printed on its own card with bonus points available for extra knowledge) for Volume 1, Steven Heller and Lita Talarico devised the questions for Volume 2, and Stefan Sagmeister has concocted the quiz questions for Volume 3, soon to be released.

We’ve dipped in to the Heller + Talarico pack to test our knowledge. Here are a couple of questions to give you a flavour of the geekery required to be a contender in a game of DESIGNerd:

Who designed the title sequence for the movie ‘Seven’ which introduced scratchy, layered, post-modern typography to film title design?

In 1989, Zuzana Licko designed two digital typefaces. One of them is called Lunatix. What is the other typeface called?

When did German type designer Hermann Zapf design the typefaces Melior and Optima for the Stempel Foundry?

You get the idea. Try answering without using the internet!

Each pack is limited to just 1000 issues and comes housed in a rather nice round-edged tin which is personalised by the contributing designer’s own hand drawn rendering of ‘100+’ on the front and then their hand drawn question mark on the back. Good job the packaging is sturdy, re-usable and beautifully made: each pack is priced at AUS$75 which works out at a rather pricey £48 (US$77) by today’s exchange rates. On the plus side, if you live with or spend a lot of time with design nerds, this game will test and increase your knowledge like no other trivia game.

Finn is also developing series of similar ‘100+’ packs that compile trivia questions by luminaries in teh fields of Architecture, Product Design, and also Fashion Design.


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