Evaluation: 2. Typography booklet

I enjoy making publications; I browsed through existing layouts and styles through the library and the internet. Then I tried a basic layout of using grids, using a consistent layout throughout the pages, using the colour theme of black and cyan. However I found this to be visually plain so then I tried to add the colour of orange to contrast against the cyan so it became vibrant. But still I found the booklet to be boring and after investigation, I realised it was because of the layout as it was being pedestrian being title to the left, main body text to the right. In addition I though the booklet was cluttered and needed to be simplified. Therefore I completely changed the layout of the booklet with large-scale typeface text on the left page and the main information on the right page because I had found that most people’s attention is on the right side when they flick through pages. By having each typeface styles on a double page spread, this had increased the amount of pages. I completed the contents of the booklet but had trouble in deciding the design of the covers. I experimented with different layouts but after experimentation, I thought it would work best with the colour theme of the booklet.


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