Evaluation: 1. One word poster

I had loads of ideas initially but after feedback, I realised that my work was too literal and that the one word poster had to be subtler so that the audience would stop and think about the meaning. I found that using computers to produce intricate designs was time consuming especially when I wanted to produce my own type; therefore I decided to sketch the designs and render them myself. Personally I thought two of my ideas were clichéd, communicate being in using the telephone cord to produce the letter and vanity in the use of the mirror. I tried to change the vanity poster to become unique by producing my own vanity themed form letters. The feedback I received about the vanity poster was that it would work well if my presentation skills were good.  I used watercolour paints and pencils for the poster but I found that the poster was not strong enough because the separate letters stood individually and didn’t communicate the word well.

I had an idea of trace where I drew the word trace in the air and the camera would capture the motion in a blur. I asked a photography student friend to assist me to capture this effect however the concept I had did not work in real life. I borrowed a DSLR camera then searched thoroughly on the internet and photography books to try and teach myself how to create the effect but I could not find the answer.

The piece that was one of the ones that I was least keen became the direction for my final outcome. At first I was thinking of many zoom words builds a big zoom word but then this concept was pushed further with the concept of pixilation and how that images can appear pixelated when zoomed in but are legible when zoomed out. I then experimented with the amount of pixels required for the image to be no longer legible; it appeared that 10 pixels per inch on A2 worked the best in the end.


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