Feedback for booklet (3)

Type on the page

I checked the new cover design with Rob – he said to just reduce the size of “Typography” so that it wasn’t so tight on the edges – and chose to have it printed on eco card because I like the texture of the card so it’ll make the booklet look special and luxurious. I’m going to bind the booklet later using a needle and black thread for a running stitch so it’ll match the theme of the booklet and make it less noticable.

Reasons of why I didn’t choose other styles of binding:

Hardcover – A hard cover would not be suitable because there are only a few pages therefore there would not be a significant spine.

Comb – A comb binding would not be suitable because it allows there to be a gap where the pages are separate. Plus this would ruin the effect of the fluidity on the double page spreads especially when the sample text is across the right page as well. This is the same reason of why I wouldn’t use coil binding. In addition, where the holes/ slots are punched for the comb, detail of the booklet will be lost.

Side stitch – A side stitch would not be appropriate because detail down the gutter would be lost and there would be a deep crease/ fold on the left edge of the booklet.

Saddle stitch – This is the most appropriate beinging out of the above as it allows the reader to view the double page spread fully. However saddle stitches sometimes can allow the reader to view the pages behind.

Running stitch – I have chosen to hand stitch the booklet which gives a personal touch and also secures the booklet more in comparison to the saddle stitch. In addition it removes the potential issue that the behind pages are in view.


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