Technical induction – Adobe Illustrator – Monday 7th November 2011

I used the shape tool and was taught how to make copy of the shape and repeated it using the “tild” buttons (as seen in the spiral). I tried using the pathfinder window to build and then break apart shapes using other shapes. In addition, I learnt how to join and then average end points which is useful for a smooth finish as seen in the eye shape on the right.

I was taught how a table can also be used as a shape and to create patterns or background, the distort tool works well with the table so then I can create different gradient background effects.  I learnt how to fill a shape with text as well and how to fill shapes with different colours by scrolling through.

I practiced using the pen tool to perfect using handles and anchors.

I created shapes and then used blend tool which then filled in the missing space between the shapes with a gradual gradient. I could then manipulate the shapes to be aligned differently.

I used to trace my images in Photoshop using the pen tool, each anchor at a time so with this feature in Illustrator, this would save a lot of time. I learnt how to “Live Trace” and “Live Paint”, I think that this would be very helpful for my projects later especially if I have an illustrative aspect.

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