Going around Norwich to take photos

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I started to collect my photos yesterday (Wednesday 2nd November) and walked around town exploring. I started walking towards Tesco Express in town> Iceland> Sainsburys> Ber Street> Riverside> Dragons Hall> Norwich Castle. Personally I found the castle to be terrifying, it was quiet and slightly empty, the taxidermy exhibition was particularly scary because the animals were positioned in a scary pose and the lighting created a terrifying atmosphere.

Today I ventured through St Stephen Street> outside Norwich Cathedral> by the river> Cow tower> Norwich Cathedral. I found the Cow tower to be mesmerising with the height and width of it but particular the crevices on the inside of the tower. The doorway was padlocked and beside the inner doorway was a spiral staircase that was locked. I found it quite eerie taking photos of the inside of the tower because I had to get inside the doorway to take of the inner detail of the tower, pigeons made noises too which creeped me out.

On the way to the Cow Tower, I found a lot of old buildings, it looked Victorian with the arches and the materials used identifiying it to be in that time period. A site that astonished me was this elderly carehome which stood like I would have imagined it would have been in the Victorian period – I was seriously taken aback, the grass was trimmed, the building was in good condition, it looked like it was from TV shows.

I then arrived at the Norwich Cathedral, it reminded me of Harry Potter and Hogwarts. I walked in the passageways and only realised that tombstones were on the floor halfway through my journey round the cathedral. I like how decorative the building is and the way the lighting is inside the cathedral. The stain glass windows constrasts the cathedrals bricks really well, especiall the wine red stain glass.


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