I watched this a while ago but hadn’t blogged about it. I wanted to watch this documentary for so long but didn’t, but now I have. To other discipline students and some graphic designers found it boring. But as geeky as it sounds, I found this engaging and that it opens my eyes to how Helvetica is so widely used and the origin of the font.

I used to think that Helvetica was beautiful but with it’s thorough use, it has personally made me think to be boring although there is always going to be the universal use for the font for all sorts of situation e.g. signs and logos.

During the past year, I have contemplated what makes a good font, I have grown neutrality to the font Helvetica and more fascination for the font Comic Sans has grown. Comic Sans is such a controversial font, I do admit to using it when I was in primary school as I was influenced by teacher made posters surrounding me but once I hit secondary school I used to hate the font. I thought that I was an odd child in hating a font, but no there is something called typography and I have found a course/ career path/ career area where font matters.

I prefer how Comic Sans causes a reaction either it be love or hate however Helvetica is just overused and I see it as an emotionless font.


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