Reaction to image brief

Unknowing the city

I am rather stuck on this project and I don’t know what to do as the brief is very open. I’m mainly stuck because there isn’t a stated outcome so I’m undecided on what to do for my final piece. So today I borrowed a camera and went round the city taking photos of things/ places that I found interesting to look out. I did walk through the city centre but even in busy places there are unknown interesting scenes/ places such as most people are too busy to look up, so I took pictures of skylines/ rooves/ windows.

Also sometimes it’s not the photos that matter the most but the process in getting the photos such as seen in Arthur Fellig’s work as spoken in a lecture by Gareth. His work was morbid by having photos of crime scenes, the process he took was that he listened to police radios and took photos before police got there. Therefore even getting photos of busy places could be considered clichéd but it’s the process and experimentation.


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