Feedback for booklet (1)

Type on the page

Feedback for booklet (1): lighten the text on the left page “A quick fox jumped over the lazy fox”, decrease opacity so that it is a whisper on the page because at the moment it is overpowering.

The different colours on each page makes the booklet interesting but stills stays consistent with the layout and style.

Don’t need the thick circle as it overpowers the page because the main text about the font should be the main focus.

Position of the main text is good, good tonality on the main text and even distributed text.

Last double page spread (terminology page), take out the separation between the top letters (H, yk…) and the bottom line row (A, g, E…) and make it into two strips by removing the word “Typography” and replace with the blue letters on the line (H, yk… A, g, E…).

The front page doesn’t fit the theme of the contents.

Content font sizes are good.

Response for booklet (1): I am working on editing the layout on the anatomy of the font page so that it only features two rows of letters and I’m going to remove the circle windows on the pages even though personally I think it adds interest to the pages and brings focus to the anatomy of the “m”. I need to think about a new front cover as well by looking at the style of the contents.

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