Personal research for design DVD’s to watch

I used the internet to see what DVD’s were the best design films to watch so I could see if the NUCA library had it so I could loan it. This is my to watch list:

1. Beautiful losers

2. Objectified

3. Mystery of Picasso

4. How to draw a bunny

5. The cool school

6. Crumb

7. Henry Cartier – Bresson: The impassioned eye

8. Art 21 – Art in the 21st century

9. Frank Lloyd Wright

10. Rivers and tides

11. Style wars

12. Art and copy

13. Milton Glaser: To inform and delight

14. Between the folds: Exploring origami

15. Linotype: The film

16. Typeface

I search the titles using the NUCA library searching system but the ones that they had were not available and the ones that were apparently shelved was not there. I am going to search for the titles another week


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