Lecture notes – Thursday 20th October – FOAM Agency

It was good to see a lecture that was contemporary, I like the ideas that FOAM developed and how they have ideas and then get someone else to generate them. The works which I particularly liked was the coding music video. They had the concept but didn’t have the skills to develop the final outcome so they got a coder to develop it. Another piece of work I liked was: http://www.foamagency.com/1140616/Kasabian-Umbro-Football-Hero, the concept of a larger version of Guitar Hero combined with football.

I thought I was more of a final outcome producer person where I am good at visual presentation but after a series of projects I am currently working on I now think I am more of an ideas person where I have a good idea in my head but I can’t put it into reality e.g. my lack of digital skills and photography skills.

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