Is it really bad to really like a font?

Been trying to locate this font for ages but it looks like the company has commissioned someone to produce an original font – which is good because it builds a strong corporate image.

The BlackBerry font appears not to be identified and be able to download or bought online, therefore it seems to be especially created for the company BlackBerry. The font resembles slightly like:


I first saw the use of the font in Summer 2011 whilst moving from a train station platform to board the train. I had seen the font used in the logo before but I had not seen it be used anywhere else such as body text. Usually with big corporations, they use two separate fonts, one for the logo and another one for the subtext.

I find this typeface to be strong and retains the corporate symbol of the black berry. I think the typographer designer has designed the type with the symbol in mind placing the small blackberry specks as the counter shape in the ‘B’. There is a slight slant in the typeface which can be considered italic, I think the designer chose the font to be italic because originally the BlackBerry symbol dots are slightly slanted and they wanted the same effect to compliment the symbolic logo. The ‘X’ height is relatively high and it is nearly as high as the ascender line (the ‘x’ height is about 75% from the baseline to the ascender line). The descender height and ascender height appear relatively balanced and equal. The kerning between ‘k’ and ‘B’, plus the last ‘r’ and ‘y’ seem to be relatively more closer that the other characters.
The font is strong because of the thickness of the font yet the curvilinear shape softens the typeface making it less brash/ harsh/ hard. The bottom of the letter ‘B’ has a rounded corner which makes the stroke thinner in the corner. Overall I think it is a unisex font because it is strong in the boldness of the type yet is still has curves which softens the type as well. I find this font successful with the particular business being BlackBerry because the font is exclusive to the business therefore it can establish a strong corporate identity making it stand out from competitors, the typeface is new and fresh which can give the impression that the business is innovative.


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