Inspired to have large print on booklet

Type on the page

The initial ideas I had with the 3 column, 2 row grid was bland reflecting upon it so I looked at more research.

After looking at several magazine layouts, it seems that the magazines put a large image on the left hand page and the main body text on the right. Therefore I am going to have large scale text being “A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” on the left. This will also help the reader to understand typography because they will be able to see the font anatomy e.g ascenders, cap height, serif/ sans serif and brush strokes.

This will be the same on each page but will have different colours and font on each page, the font used will be related to the typeface topic, e.g. Bodoni will be for Modern. I’m also going to tilt the text so that it wouldn’t obstruct the main text on the right page.


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